Young Investigators Event

The three societies are supporting an Early Investigators session that will bring together early- to mid-career researchers in our field to build relationships and collaborations on 27th September - one day prior to the main meeting. 


13:30 Registration / arrival - please meet at GROSSER HÖRSAAL / Great Lecture Hall at Universitätsklinikum Regensburg (

14:00 Opening remarks – Simmonds, Alexy, Anker
14:15 Opening lecture - Dr Jon Detterich (USA)

14:45 Workshop - Rheometry as a point-of-care device (Alcor Scientific). Snacks/coffee.

15:30 Plenary lecture - Prof Lars Kaestner (Germany)

16:00 Awardees announced
16:10 Early Investigator Awardee Presentation (Science)

16:25 Early Investigator Awardee Presentation (Technical/engineering)

16:40 Early Investigator Awardee Presentation (Clinical)

16:55 Closing remarks – Simmonds, Alexy, Anker




19:30 Dinner at Bar Revel sponsored by Alcor Scientific ( at

A social event will be included in this program at no additional cost. Meeting at 19:30 on 27th September at the Bar Ravel, those involved in the Early Investigators will be invited to connect over a meal and drinks with the hope of building future collaborations. 

Our guest lecturers

Dr Jon Detterich, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Dr Detterich is a cardiologist with post-doctoral training in blood rheology. He runs a laboratory at the Unviersity of Southern California exploring the physiological implications of impaired blood function in clinical disorders that affect children. His lecture will be focused on blood rheology and its clinical relevance.

Prof Lars Kaestner, Saarland University, Germany. Prof Kaestner is a physicist with a diverse expertise covering many aspects of red cell biophysics, electrophysiology, and molecular signalling. His lecture will be focused on the contemporary view of red cell physiology. 

Early Investigator Award

 Of special notice, an Early Investigators Award program will also be launched to recognize excellence among early-career researchers in three primary categories:
i. technical / engineering innovations
ii. scientific discovery
iii. clinical/medical implementations.

As an awardee, a short talk during the Early Investigators session will be provided, and an award will be presented during the closing ceremony of the main meeting. 


To be selected for one of these awards, please nominate your abstract during submission to be identified as an entrant, and complete the award nomination form, which requires two short statements on the impact of your work. This form must be submitted to Michael Simmonds ([email protected]) at the time of your abstract submission to ensure it is evaluated in time for the meeting.