Young Investigators Event, 27th September

The 3rd World Congress of

The European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
The International Society for Clinical Hemorheology
The International Society of Biorheology
 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany I September 28-30, 2023

Great Opening Ceremony on 29th September
5:00 PM, Grand Lecture Hall


A Word of Welcome
from the Bavarian State Minister of Science and the Arts, 
Markus Blume

It is a great pleasure for me to give introductory words at the third World Congress of the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, the International Society of Clinical Hemorheology and the International Society of Biorheology at the University Hospital Regensburg. 

I am very pleased that Professor Prantl and his team have managed to bring numerous internationally renowned scientists to Regensburg to discuss a wide range of important topics from tissue perfusion to tissue regeneration with stem cells. Research in this field has the potential to fundamentally change treatments in many areas. And new imaging methods combined with AI are helping to better understand and predict processes in the body. You have come to the right place: In Bavaria, we are creating the best-possible environment for state-of-the-art medicine, from basic research to clinical application. Our Highmed Agenda as an extension of our Hightech Agenda is a clear statement: Medicine of the future is made in Bavaria! We’re investing heavily to make real headway: We want more cooperation, better translation and faster innovation in order to fundamentally improve patient care.

To do so, we are counting on you: Your congress is an outstanding platform for excellent scientists. Thank you for your initiative, your passion and your progress! I wish you all exciting congress days, stimulating discussions with new insights and a pleasant stay in the World Cultural Heritage Regensburg.

Markus Blume

Minister of Science and the Arts

Dear distinguished colleagues and esteemed guests,

on behalf of the German Society for Surgery, it is both an honor and a privilege to extend our warmest greetings to the organizers and all participants of the 3rd World Congress of the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, the International Society for Clinical Hemorheology, and the International Society of Biorheology.
This remarkable meeting of experts in the fields of microcirculation, hemorheology and biorheology marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of knowledge and advancements in healthcare. 
Our society recognizes the vital importance of these disciplines in understanding the intricate dynamics of blood flow, microcirculation, and the broader implications for clinical practice such as wound healing and tissue engengineering in the field of plastic surgery as well as trauma, vascular surgery and heart disease.
As surgeons, we are aware of the critical role that hemorheology and biorheology play in various surgical specialties. The insights derived from your research and clinical applications directly impact our ability to provide optimal care to our patients in surgery. 
The collaboration between the German Society for Surgery with the profound expertise of the three societies ESCHM, ISCH, and ISB, enhances our collective efforts to push the boundaries of medical science and improve patient outcomes in different fields of surgery.
We congratulate the organizers for bringing together such a diverse and accomplished group of professionals from around the world. 
This congress serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, the presentation of groundbreaking research, and the establishment of valuable collaborations that will undoubtedly shape the future of our respective fields in research and surgery and bridge gaps between basic science research and its clinical application.
In conclusion, I extend my best wishes for a successful and inspiring 3rd World Congress of the ESCHM-ISCH-ISB.
Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. med. Christiane Bruns

President of the German Society for Surgery

Dear colleagues,

as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, it is my honour to welcome you all to this remarkable congress, which brings together several international medical societies in your field. 

It is my pleasure to witness this gathering of bright minds, their collaboration and exchange of ideas. 

Our goal as medical faculties is to educate the next generation of physicians and to promote scientific excellence. 

I am pleased that this congress, chaired by distinguished members of our faculty, will provide a platform for discussion and help disseminate cutting-edge research, bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and clinical practice, and promote industry engagement. 

These goals foster medical research and its constant quest to improve healthcare for all. 

I encourage each of you to actively participate, contribute your insights and take advantage of the networking and collaboration opportunities this Congress offers. 

Together we can push the boundaries of medical knowledge and work towards better health and well-being for all. 

Yours sincerely, 

Prof. Dr. Dirk Hellwig

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Walter Röhrl

Honorary guest Walter Röhrl, a legend in the motorsport world, widely regarded as one of the greatest rally drivers of all time!
We look forward to an engaging talk about their outstanding rallye experience, followed by an autograph session and book signing.

Constantin Berger

Constantin Berger’s field of research is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application to Medical Imaging. He received his M.Sc. degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). During his time at BMW Group, he specialized in Machine Learning and Optimization applied to autonomous driving. He is a member of the TUM (Biological Imaging) and the Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) of Helmholtz Munich.

 Dear delegates,

the three societies ESCHM (The European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation), ISCH (The International Society for Clinical Hemorheology) and ISB (The International Society of Biorheology) have their own activities and historical background. These societies have held their scientific meetings in Europe and worldwide.
Since 2018, the three societies decided to hold a biannual joint meeting, the 1st Joint Meeting was held in Kraków headed by Maria Fornal, Poland in 2018 the 2nd Joint Meeting 2021 in Fukuoka headed by Toru Maruyama, Japan.
All participants were satisfied with cutting-edge information, academic contents, industry exhibition, friendship and hospitality offered by this meeting. After the outstanding success of the 1st and 2nd Joint Meeting, the 3rd Joint Meeting is going to take place in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany on September 28 - 30, 2023.

Our aims are:

 • To promote excellence in the field of microcirculation, hemorheology and biorheology.
 • To provide a platform for discussing unsolved theoretical and practical questions 
• To disseminate information about research advances in the related fields
 • To bridge gaps between expansion of basic science information and its clinical practice  
    and application
 • To make it possible for the industry to meet opinion leaders and outstanding experts in the 
   related fields
 • To update regional participants on pressing clinical and technological questions today
 • To identify, debate and promote innovative treatment strategies to reduce the incidence of 
   clinical problems of hemorrhage, hemolysis, hemostasis and thrombosis


Prof. Dr. Dr. Lukas Prantl, Chair

Regensburg, Bavaria; Germany

Prof. Dr. Silvan M. Klein, Co-Chair,

Local Congress Committee

Regensburg, Bavaria; Germany

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Alexandra M. Anker, Co-Chair,

Local Congress Committee

Regensburg, Bavaria; Germany

Dear members

this is a reminder that as part of the ESCHM-ISCH-ISB meeting in Regensburg, Germany in 2023, the three societies will be supporting an Early Investigators session that will bring together early- to mid-career researchers in our field to build relationships and collaborations on 27th September - one day prior to the main meeting. A social event will be included in this program. Of special notice, an Early Investigators Award program will also be launched to recognize excellence among early-career researchers in three primary categories: i. technical / engineering innovations; ii. scientific discovery, and; iii. clinical/medical implementations. As an awardee, a short talk during the Early Investigators session will be provided, and an award will be presented during the closing ceremony of the main meeting. 


To be selected for one of these awards, please nominate your abstract during submission to be identified as an entrant, and complete the award nomination form, which requires two short statements on the impact of your work. This form must be submitted to Michael Simmonds ([email protected]) at the time of your abstract submission to ensure it is evaluated in time for the meeting. 


For further questions related to this program, please contact Michael or Dr. Tamas Alexy ([email protected]). 


All the best, 


Dr. Brian Cooke, President of ISCH 

Dr. Jean Frederic Brun, President of ESCHM 

Dr. Peter Butler, President of ISB

German Society Meeting

The topic of the German Society includes a comprehensive spectrum of dynamic microcirculation and rheology, cell biology and also the latest approaches to materials research. The interactive focus is on modern ultrasound procedures and interfaces to new tumor therapies. The interaction between capillary perfusion and cell interactions is the focus of modern research. We look forward to your participation and contributions to the discussion.

Prof. Dr. Ernst Michael Jung, Chair

Committee Member

Regensburg, Bavaria; Germany

Ulrich Kaiser, Secretary

Local Congress Committee

Regensburg, Bavaria; Germany

Dr. Jean F. Brun
President of ESCHM

Prof. Peter J. Butler 

President of ISB

Prof. Brian M. Cooke 

President of ISCH

unter der Schirmherrschaft der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie e.V.